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Hello & Welcome to my portfolio site, isadesignlab!

My name is Isabella Testai, I'm a graphic designer living in Tokyo.
My passion is the creation of beautiful, smart, memorable design.


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In Japanese culture there is a beautiful concept called "ichi-go ichi-e", it translates as "one chance in a lifetime", and means that every encounter and any opportunity are to be treasured.
I feel this concept every time I meet my

clients, because I sincerely want to help people fulfil their needs and achieve their goals, and I always put in a 110% effort to bring this about.
Perhaps ichi-go ichi-e is manifesting itself now that you are visiting my site.

So, thank you! Take a look around isadesignlab and if you want to discuss a design project, please contact me.
You can simply send a message just to say hi, or maybe follow me on twitter @isabellatestai. I hope you enjoy.

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About isadesignlab creator, Isabella Testai.

I was born in the port city of Livorno in Tuscany, Italy, and from my childhood I have always had a passion for design and for all things Japanese. In fact my wildest dream was that one day I would become a designer in Japan.

I studied Japanese Language and Culture at the famous Ca' Foscari University in Venice, specializing in Japanese Design, and graduated in the summer of 2002 with Honors. Then I moved to Tokyo, and acquired business experience as a Sales Manager in the Japanese branch of a prestigious Italian perfume house.
While learning about Japanese commercial life, I was all the time improving my skills in the theory and technology of design, attending design schools and taking freelance jobs.

In 2006 I began work as a designer for a Japanese design company, finally making my great passion a professional reality.
Now I live in Azabu, near Tokyo Tower, with my husband Munehiro and my sweet little rabbit Cappuccino.

This was just a little introduction about myself, but if you are interested to know more details, contact me and I will send you my curriculum.
You can also look at some of the things I've done, jumping to my work.

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Graphic Design Works Gallery: What has Isabella recently done

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What can I offer

Thanks to my previous valuable experience in brand-management, marketing and client relations, I always have a holistic approach to creation, focussed on the satisfaction of my client's needs and intentions.
I can design you a unique Logo and corporate profile manual, and of course everything that goes with these, like business cards, letterhead and so on. If you are not satisfied with your present publicity material, I can improve it for you and whether you are a startup or starting to grow, I can help you achieve your design goals.
You can put your trust in me because I have a sincere desire to create and I love what I do, and so I take on every job with absolute commitment.
In Tokyo I'm busy with Identity, branding and printing design like posters, magazine, package design, but the expanding area of my activity is web and interactive design and thanks to that I'm now working for clients in various countries around the world.


  1. You describe to me your project.
  2. We agree on the price.
  3. I send you design proposals up for review.
  4. If you desire some changes, I'll make them.
  5. ...That's it, in only four simple steps!


  • ・Illustrator
  • ・Photoshop
  • ・InDesign
  • ・Dreamweaver
  • ・Flash
  • ・(X)HTML
  • ・CSS
  • ・jQuery


  • Logo - Illustration
  • Corporate Identity - Branding
  • Packaging Design
  • Brochure - Pamphlet - Catalog
  • Print Ads - DM - Poster
  • Trade & Retail Signage
  • Website - Word press Templates
  • Blog - Banner Ads

I hope to hear from you soon and talk about design! Don't worry about the language, I am happy in Japanese, Italian & English. (contact me)

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If you're in need of a new design or maybe a redesign of something you already have, please get in touch.
I will answer you as soon as possible.

(Please don't be shy, send me a message, they make my day!!)
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